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Wedding Flowers You Should Choose

With the popularity of wild flowers for weddings, Shropshire Petals have been busy growing new varieties to suit a range of themes and colour schemes, and have just launched three new mixes for you to consider for your stunning wedding flowers!

Shropshire Petals simongoughphotography.comAbsolutely perfect for autumnal weddings, wildflowers add a delicate hint of rustic prettiness to your day. They are great for natural and country weddings, coming in a variety of colours to make beautiful bouquets, table decorations and confetti.

Check out the new mixes from Shropshire Petals and what they have to say about them
Mellow Meadow

A delicate pinch of Alchemilla Mollis added to our subtle Icing Sugar delphinium petals to create a perfect blend of ivory, green and yellow. Mellow Meadow 11.25 per litre (2)

Pinch of Plum

A beautiful combination of plum Marjaram has been added to Icing Sugar delphinium petals to create a textured mix of purple, green and ivory. Pinch of Plum 11.25 per litre (2)

Chocolate Sunrise

A bold mix of Icing Sugar delphinium petals and dried sunflower petals have created a perfect, autumnal mix. Chocolate Sunrise 11.25 per litre

For more information on these new mixes, or if you want to check out the other beautiful mixes on offer from Shropshire Petals, visit their website. And weve got some top tips on how to get the perfect confetti shot right here.

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